Welcome to this wiki! Please read all of the guidelines, they will help you guide your way around this wiki! Some other ways to get help if to visit the help pages. You can also check out the Community Central Wiki.

Creating a PageEdit

If you have an idea for a page, make sure to check if that page exists in Special:Allpages. If you do not find your page there, go up to the top right of this wiki, click Contribute, and then click Add a Page. Make sure your page name is the right name. Here are some guidelines for pages to create.

  • When creating an episode, make sure the page title is <Episode Name> (Episode).
  • When creating a character page, make sure the page title is <Character Name> (Character)

So you should kind of get how the pattern is going. If you are still confused, ask [[Special:Listusers|one of the admins.

Uploading an ImageEdit

When uploading an image, make sure to do so at Special:Upload. Make sure the name of the image corresponds with what the image is.

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